About us - Optimise your gut health naturally

MicroBio Health is a Pharmacist & Homeopathic led health store, specialising in high quality probiotics & vitamins. Our team are passionate about optimising natural health with a particular emphasis on gut health. Subsequently, the name for our health store was derived for the word "microbiome", which is located in the intestine and is made up of billions of organisms such as bacteria, yeast, fungi and viruses; which are key functions to help digest our food, regulate our immune system and to protect against disease.

Our microbiome must be balanced and with everyday living and incorrect food intake, it can become unbalanced, therefore leaving our body open to infections, viruses and diseases. So with the importance of our wellbeing in mind, MicroBio Health provide consultations and health checks, along with microbiome, allergy and food tolerance testing; supply natural healthcare products for gut health, immune support, sleep and relaxation, skin care, heart conditions, allergies, arthritis, joint and muscle inflammation and much, much more.

We stock a wide range of natural & herbal medicines that are suitable for all age groups as we aim to support and enhance the body at every stage of life.

In store health testing is also available by private appointment.

To speak to a Pharmacist / Homeopath, please call us on:

+44 28 3005 2332