Heel Traumeel S Oral Drops 30ml - Natural inflammation relief

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Heel Traumeel S 30ml

Used within the homeopathic tradition for the relief of symptoms such as pain and swelling resulting from sprains, muscular strains and bruising.

Traumeel® How it Works

The natural approach to regulating inflammation and supporting recovery.

Our aim is to accelerate healing and bring you back as soon as possible to your normal daily activities: Traumeel® reduces inflammation and relieves your pain sustainably. Find out more about this natural process.

Inflammation is a complex, multifactorial process, which is essential to tissue repair, e.g. after muscle or joint injury. However, excessive inflammation can cause pain and be detrimental to recovery.

Cytokines serving as messenger signals within the immune system of the body can either increase (pro-inflammatory cytokines) or reduce (anti-inflammatory cytokines) inflammation.

Imbalance of pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokines can lead to excessive and prolonged inflammation and pain.

Traumeel® restores the balance of pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokine activity.



Customer Reviews

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Anna Klimenkova
Traumeel S

It was really helpful for speedy recovery from the elbow bursitis.
Thank you MicroBio Health™ for excellent service

alison Linden

Hi girls still waiting on a phone call about bio kult migrea arriving back in store?